Caring for our region’s most precious resource.

The All Natural Way to Controlling Your Weeds

When I was younger, I hated weeds. Why? I had to mow the lawn much sooner than I would have liked to, because the lawn would look shabby, and my dad didn’t approve. “Stormin’ Norman” would point to the Craftsman lawnmower and I would go, cursing Buy Marijuana Online the weeds and the black flies that would surround my head.

Now that I am a little (ahem) older, I still hate weeds. My front lawn was nothing but weeds when I first moved the family in. I tried pulling them, and they would come back. I would hand-shovel the weeds and they came back. I even started thinking about using a flame thrower like they do down in the United States, but I’d rather not burn the house down.

Thankfully, I don’t give Buy Marijuana Online up that easily. Good thing too; the neighbours were starting to complain.

I could have easily used chemicals to kill the weeds. The sales woman at Canadian Tire looked at me as if I had three heads because I refused to use lawn chemicals. My response was that I remember DDT and what it did to the environment. I’d much rather use environmentally-friendly methods of keeping my lawn healthy

If you are looking at a small patch of lawn, replacing the unhealthy turf with brand-new sod may be an option. At the same time you can install a sprinkler system so you can enjoy your lawn instead of constantly watering it. This, of course, would be quite expensive.  Marijuana Strains But you would be the envy of the entire neighbourhood.

The new sod should be thick enough to resist weeds, making your weed control environmentally friendlier. Just remember not to water your lawn at night or during the evening. The excessive moisture will create an environment that is more susceptible to insects and disease. Of course not enough water will stress your lawn and the same thing will happen.

Eliminating Weeds


Excessive heat kills; hot water or steam (my personal favorite) will kill weeds faster than a hiccup. It will also burn you or anyone close to you just as fast, so exercise caution when using a steam gun or a kettle. This method will also kill any microorganisms in  Buy Weed Online USA the path of the water or steam, so please be selective on what you are targeting. Also, be careful around structures and paths. The heat may damage them. Then again it may not. Test it first in an inconspicuous area first.


If you have ever seen Utah’s famous Bonneville Salt Flats, you will notice the lack of native life. No plants, no micro organisms, nothing. When your doctor said that too much salt is a bad thing, he could have referenced the Salt Flats.

If too much salt is a bad thing for life, just imagine what it will do with your weeds. Remove the top of the weed and apply salt. How much? Well, I would personally use enough to cover the weed completely. Then walk away. The salt isn’t that good for earthworms either, so hopefully they will steer clear of the area for a few days. Rainfall or water from your irrigation system will dilute the salt, letting your lawn reclaim the area.


Have a different problem? Like deer eating your produce, or insects that you can’t get rid of? Remember that red bottle of Tabasco that your friend dared you to use (or the one that you used on his meal when your friend wasn’t looking)? Well it works with insects and animals as well. Create a Tabasco spray should make your plants snack free from these nasty pests. You really should wear gloves, goggles, and a mask when using this spay. Not because it is toxic, but because if it gets in your eyes, nose, or mouth your day will be ruined (your friends and neighbours may get a laugh, however).


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